Products and Services

We offer comprehensive Internet and mobile security products and services for free to over 400 million Internet users.

With friendly and interactive user experience and leading cloud-based Internet security technologies, our products are trusted by a massive and loyal users who enjoy Qihoo 360's around-the-clock protection for their daily online activities.

Core Security Products

Our two core internet security products are 360 Safe Guard and 360 Anti-Virus. 360 Safe Guard is our flagship Internet security software and a one-stop solution for internet security and system optimization. 360 Anti-Virus is an anti-virus software that uses multiple scan engines to provide computer virus protection service

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage system offers users a space for file storage and the data backup. Users can transmit, access, and manage their messages and images through PC Software, web page and mobile platform.

Platform Products

We offer 360 Browsers, such as 360 Safe Browsers and 360 Extreme Browsers; 360 Personal Start-up Page, and 360 Application Desktop.

Online Advertising

We utilize our extensive user traffic to offer online advertising services, including online marketing services and search referral service. Our 360 Browsers and their default home pages, 360 Personal Start-up Page contain our own search boxes to provide search engines for obtaining data on a global computer network.

Internet Value-added Services

We offer Internet value-added services including operating web gamesdeveloped by third-parties, provide remote technical support, create and maintain web sites, and other Internet value-added services to users.

We continue to broaden and deepen our product and service offerings while adhering to a use-centric philosophy. In addition, we will leverage our massive user base to build a truly open Internet platform, offering a wide range of products and services from third parties, such as web games, online video, E-commerce, travel, SNS, and other applications.

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